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PhD Scholar, Founder, BLW Baby

We did a paid consultation with Amrita a few months ago. We were travelling and wanted to ensure Antara had a solid sleep schedule. Plus, we've always had a tricky time with Antara's sleep because she's just so energetic and always wants to play!

Personally, we won't be sleep training Antara and that's why we chose to work with Amrita.

Amrita helped us immensely through her attention to detail and focus on providing solutions. She was available and always happy to help (she still is, all these months later) and the best part is... She genuinely cares about the baby and the family.

In addition, Amrita gave me the confidence to continue certain sleep practices that I had begun second guessing, like holding for naps and rocking to sleep.

We are so grateful to have found a "sleep guru" in Amrita. She is absolutely the best ❤️❤️




Biggest thank you in the world for helping me get baby’s sleep in order.
I struggled for 9 months with Suvir’s sleep and sleep schedule and a consultation with you was truly the best thing I did. Not only did you help me understand his sleep and schedule, you also helped me understand how to regulate myself and my emotions re his sleep. From a mum who was lost and going a bit cuckoo, thank you from my whole heart!
You’ve helped me bring some semblance of a routine to our life and the consultation and your support really helped me get a grip and help my bubba get the sleep he deserves!

Thank you and lots of love always to you and babyA ❤️❤️



I contacted Amrita after being really frustrated about my toddler not willing to sleep at all and few sleep-related issues. Amrita helped me set up a proper routine for his sleep time encouraging us to spend quality time with him, and giving proper diet ideas about what food to be given and what to avoid. She has spend a good time hearing to all our issues and finding solutions for every little problem. It took time but my toddler is far better in sleeping now.

I would like to recommend this sleeping godmother to all the mothers who have kids with any kind of sleep-related trouble. Last but not the least thanks Amrita for always supporting us at any wee hour of the day. 💓

Neha Bhagat

Software Engineer

Hey Amrita,

Thanking you as many times as I could I feel isn't enough as the help and support you provide to us mothers, especially the first timers who have no clue what so ever of what to expect, is highly commendable. I was too struggling with the sleeping pattern more so a routine for my daughter from 6 months as I was starting work. The consultation from you gave my baby a routine and it gave me confidence that now I understand better about baby sleep. My daughter took around a month and half to get into the routine of nap time and sleep.

But now its like a timer is set in her mind, she falls asleep just in 5-10 mins at her nap times and night sleep (and also there are those difficult days but few). And now her naps are become longer than before. Its like you were a saviour for me. You are like a mommy buddy who I can come to talk about mommy guilt and mommy things. I understand you are busy and dnt want to trouble you everytime. Bt you always respond . Hugs to you for that 🤗



I am so glad that I took your personal consultation. It has been a game changer for me. You have made my life so much easier. I was never keen on sleep training my baby. You made me realise that the baby can sleep even without sleep training.

My daughter sleeps for solid 10 hours now and bedtime has been shifted early as well. And the best part she doesn’t wake up being cranky. All thanks to you 🤗

I would highly recommend Amrita to anyone struggling with baby’s sleep. Thanks once again for all your help and for patiently answering my queries even months after taking the personal consultation. I wish I had found you earlier during the newborn phase.
Lots of love and blessings x


Home maker

Hey Amrita!

First of all, Thank you so much for taking the time and putting in the efforts to accomodate my case, and all the emotional support you and your posts provide. Having a Consultant like you meant having one less thing to worry about in mothering my Baby. I must tell you that Aadhya's sleeps way better than she used to. Knowing the sleep windows is one thing but having someone to actually make a schedule that I can blindly follow is game changer.

We still don't manage to stick to it completely on most days but we are on it and we are in a better place from where we started.

Bringing up a child really does take Village and I'm grateful to you for being a part of mine. You must be extremely proud of the Work you do.🙌🙌🙌


Home maker

I owe Amrita more than this testimony. This is a little piece of gratitude. I have been following her insta like any other account since my Baby is 3 months old. My Baby sleep is for very short intervals and that too she sleeps only in jhoola, i was so sleep deprived... However sleepy also she used to wait for jhoola.  Then I felt I should try Amritha.

As I was very afraid and certain that for sure it takes time for the baby to adapt for change, I took one month course. From day1 I strictly followed and made.my family members follow the schedules given by Amritha, at anytime 24*7 Amritha was just a message away... With schedules according to baby and tips by Amritha, believe it or not my Baby started sleping on bed from second week of our course. Tye quality and duration of the sleep also increased... At the sametime even I got some me-time. Amritha you are just a life saviour at the need of the hour. Every sleep deprived mom needs you😁

Anusha Ramanathan


We did a sleep consult with Amrita when the 18 month regression was at its peak with our daughter. Even though we knew the basics of good sleep and had always implemented them, we benefited hugely from Amrita’s guidance and hand holding - because when you are in the thick of a regression, it is very hard to think clearly and implement even what you might already know. 

I highly recommend Amrita for two reasons (1) a gentle evidence based approach to baby sleep (2) a gentle approach to parental mental health. To elaborate - on the extreme right you have cruel sleep training where the parents are put above all else, on the extreme left you have forbidding gentle sleep coaches who expect parents to have their lives revolve around baby sleep. Amrita sits exactly in the middle of this - gentle to baby always but gentle to caregivers too, and this is why I think she’s the best in the “business”.


Home maker

Amrita!!! You were like a prayer that got answered!!
I can't thank you enough for setting my baby's sleep right.. for answering my doubts and fears all day / all night.
For being so patient with me.

We struggled for an entire month. From family and friends questioning us on her health to labeling her as a fussy/ colicky little girl already.

We didn't realise that the answer was just as simple as getting her to sleep..
It was a gamechanger!!
I didn't realize that babies would need a routine as such.
I really really wish that more and more new moms are taught about the importance of baby's sleep.
For all the new mummas and to-be mummas out there, as much as you all are going for birthing classes, I would highly recommend to do a workshop/ take a personal consultation with Amrita to help you and your baby!!
You guys will thank me for it!!

😍😍🥰🥰Thank you Amrita again!! Can't wait to connect with you when my baby turns 6.
You're like the sleepfairy in her life. 😅🧚‍♀️
More power to you!!


Child & Adolescent Counselor

I recently consulted Amrita to improve my toddler's sleep and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

The guidance provided was exceptional and went far beyond just helping my child's sleep patterns but also providing practical solutions that worked well for me as a parent. I was particularly impressed with her holistic approach, recognizing that the exhaustion of the parents was just as important an aspect to address as the child's sleep. She shared realistic tips and solutions on how to maintain a sleep routine when travelling. 

The guidance and advice provided were invaluable, and I now feel much more confident in managing my child's sleep routine. Thanks to her, our family can now enjoy vacations without worrying about disrupting our child's sleep pattern. If you are looking for expert help with your child's sleep, look no further - Amrita will not disappoint!


Prashakha Solanki

Clinical Psychologist

There are so many myths regarding an infants and toddlers sleep which just makes it harder for new mothers to cope. I was struggling with my daughter's sleep when she was born. I was failing to understand as to what was I doing wrong. I read and read and started following few mom influences on Instagram through which I came across Amrita's profile, who is a certified sleep consultant. Her posts are so relatable and so informative, it made so much sense and made it easier for me to understand as what to expect with regard to sleep patterns for my baby. I consulted her for a one-on-one session when I was struggling with my child's sleep regression phase. It took only a weeks time to be able to help my baby sleep better. She is very meticulous with her method and very very approachable. So do consult her to help your child sleep better, because trust me sleep is really really essential a child's healthy brain development.